About this band from Britain

The band was formed in March 1978 and signed with Mercury Records in early 1979 by John Stainze. The original founding members were Steve Salvari, Camelle Hinds, Francis Lipson and Henry Defoe. Hinds, Francis and Defoe were previously in a band called TFB (Typical Funk Band), which contained members that would form Light of the World.

TFB also contained drummer Errol Kennedy, who later joined Imagination. Salvoi joined TFB following the departure of Kenny Wellington in late 1976 as their second keyboard player and band members performed at Salvari, Hinds, Francis, Defoe and Kennedy.

The band played for about a year and then broke up. Francis and Defoe went to work with a bassist who was at Boney Me Salvari and Hinds staying together to work on various projects.

In early 1978, four of the TFB members rejoined and expanded the previous format by recruiting Linton Beckles (born Linton Charles Beckles, December 17, 1955 - April 3, 2015) and Kim "Jake" Le Mesurier (oldest son). English actors John Le Mesurier and Hattie Jacques and brother of longtime guitarist Rod Stewart Robin Le Mesurier). The band decided that they needed a new identity, and Defoe came up with the name Central Line because the band was running after a funk and soul center line.

They toured with Roy Ayers, Grover Washington, Fat Larry's Band and The Real Thing. Central Line released their first single "Wot We Got Its Hot" for a good reception, but their second single "Sticks & Stones" didn't go so well. They ended the year by appearing on BBC Television's Roadshow Linda Lewis.

Savei left in the early 1980s. After working with Barry White, Robert Palmer and Sheena Easton, he continues in the music industry as a music producer. Mel Gaynor left after his first album was released to join Simple Minds, and shortly after Henri Defoe had a writing collaboration with Michael Finbarr Murphy.

Bassist Hinds later formed Hindsight with Defoe, and also played bass at The Style Council, as well as forming The Walkers with trumpeter Canute Wellington, and releasing "What's Happened To" The Party Groove "/" Sky's The Limit "in 1983 .

Although a hit club with "Walking on sunshine", which sold well in the United States, and UK Top 40 hit with "Nature Boy," mainstream success consistently eluded them, and they disbanded in August 1984.

Le Mesurier died in Spain in the 1990s from an accidental drug overdose

Beckles died in London of complications from pneumonia on April 3, 2015. He was 59.

Francis died in London on June 29, 2018.

Original Members
Steve Salvari - Vocals,keyboards
Camelle Hinds - Vocals, Bass
Lipson Francis - Vocals, Keyboards
Henri Defoe - Vocals, Guitar
Jake Le Mesurier - Drums, Percussion
Linton Beckles - Vocals, Percussion
Mel Gaynor - Drums, Percussion
Michael Finbarr Murphy - Guitars, Keyboards

with extra members added to this band:

Steve Jeffries - keyboards

Danny Cummings - Congas, Percussion, Bongos

Roy Carter - Keyboards, Guitar

Diane Catherine Sealey - Backing Vocals

Jimmy Chambers - Backing Vocals (1981)

George Chandler - Backing Vocals (1981)